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¿Cómo hacer ejercicio con mieloma múltiple?

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Is exercise especially important for multiple myeloma patients? How do you exercise if you have myeloma? In this program, myeloma experts and patients weigh in. Hear from 25-year myeloma survivor, Jim Bond. Initially, he was given two years, at most, to live. Today, he is an active cyclist in remission and lives a very active life. Hear about how to stay moving and active with myeloma and why setting goals is key.

Just like Jim, Matt Goldman was shocked after learning that he had myeloma. Matt credits his passion for cycling as an important part of his road back to health. He has since climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to prove to himself that he is capable of taking on big challenges.

Objetivos y contenido

Join us to learn:

How to exercise with myeloma
Tips for staying in shape during treatment
Resources for staying active and engaged

for a 1-hour webinar as experts and two very active myeloma patients share tips on how to stay in shape while living with myeloma.

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Myeloma Patients , familiar, everyone who want more information about how to exercice with myeloma


Miércoles, 13 de Septiembre del 2017
Hora: 21:00 . Duración: 1h00

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