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Is there a diet myeloma patients should adhere to? Is there a link between myeloma and diabetes? How do you sift through science vs. hype? On this Living Well With Myeloma program, experts and patients lead a discussion focused on how to eat when you are living with myeloma.

Objetivos y contenido

Better understanding of what “bad and good foods” are and what overall lifestyle changes may be helpful in allowing you to live a full life with myeloma.

Join us to learn:
Is there a myeloma diet?
Food to eat more of and what foods to avoid
Is diet important in controlling the progression of myeloma?
Resources and support available to you or your loved one

¿A quién puede ayudar?

Myeloma Patients , familiar, everyone who want more information about diet in the progression of myeloma


Martes, 26 de Septiembre del 2017
Hora: 21:00 . Duración: 1h00

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